The Oaks (Knife) Rosette

Knife Pleated Rosette Around A Large 68mm Centre Board

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Order rosettes now

Product description

THE OAKS (KNIFE) is a wide knife pleated rosette with tiers set around a 68mm centre board, thus making the rosettes larger in diameter. For example, two tier rosettes measure the same a three tier rosettes from one of the other ranges

It can be made in a round shape only. Tails can be printed and extended tails may be added. See optional extras. Any colour combinations may be used. Also tartan , spotted and other fancy ribbons from 15p extra per tier. See Ribbons

Please allow twenty one working days lead time for rosettes. There is a £25.00 + P&P minimum order charge.

The Oaks (Knife) Rosette Price List

OptionPrice (GBP)Price (EUR)
1-tier£0.89EUR 0.00
2-tier£1.14EUR 0.00
3-tier£1.58EUR 0.00

Product details

Approximate diameter measurements.

Centre board = 68mm

– 1-tier rosette = 10.5cm (4.00 inches)

– 2-tier rosette = 12.5 cm (4.75 inches)

– 3-tier rosette = 15.0 cm (5.75 inches)

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