We offer a huge choice of sashes. From Traditional Tri-Coloured Horse Sashes to customised corporate sashes which can include logos, motifs and images. As well as Ruffle Sashes for those special occasions. We also have a variety of Dog Sashes with fringes, tassels or Rosettes which are ideal for Alpacas too.

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Marlin Rosettes has been established for over a decade. I am a horse rider myself and in past days I have competed for fun on a variety of horses in various disciplines. From those days I am aware of both competitors and show organisers rosettes and award requirements. Our aim is to provide a top quality rosette for the best price possible, we want to make winning a special experience.

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Show Sundries

Of course we cater for the 'business' side of your event as well. We stock a full range of show sundries so you are able to buy every thing you require for you show from Marlin Rosettes. From competition numbers to organisers and judges lapel badges all are professionally printed. Our show sundries include a wide variety of score sheets to make the running of you show as organised as possible.

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Rosettes, Sashes & Awards

Marlin Rosettes is one of the UK's most established manufacturers of Rosettes and Sashes. We are the UK's best site to buy Rosettes, if you are after some top quality rosettes and Sashes you have come to the right place. Marlin Rosettes is one of the leading manufactures, UK and worldwide, for all your show requirements. We specialise in Metallic Ribbons and offer a wonderful range of Gold, Silver and Bronze Rosettes and Sashes. Our Polyester Satin ribbon is next to none and Tartan Ribbon is ever popular.

What is a Rosette?

A rosette is a badge or award usually made from ribbon. The ribbon is folded and crimped around a central disk so that it resembles a rose - hence the name.

Originally, rosettes were purely decorative. In the 1800s they began to be used to signify achievement or membership of an order of merit. Today, they are widely used as awards for achievement and at prize givings or at times of celebration - for a birthday or christening, for instance - or to denote membership of an organisation - such as a political party, for example. Rosettes come in many sizes and colours - and even different shapes! Some have just one layer (or tier) of ribbon while other rosettes have many tiers.

The quality and fabric of the ribbon can also vary; man-made fibres are long-lasting and good value whereas natural silk or velvet ribbon are the most luxurious.

The centre of the rosette usually features lettering or images explaining why the rosette has been awarded or is being worn. The choice of colour and design of this printing or embroidering at the centre of the rosette is today also very versatile. Finally, the rosette will usually have a pin, brooch or bridle clip to attach it to the bearer's clothing.

Rosettes are a fun way to celebrate your success at events such horse or dog shows, they are usually in a badge shape and made from ribbon.

We offer many fabulous rosette ranges and styles suitable for dog shows, horse shows, fur or feather shows and corporate events. We produce rosettes in a variety of sizes and offer bespoke colour ways to match your dog club or riding club colours should you need to be specific. After choosing the Style and size of rosette you want you will be able to click through to the 'Ribbons Page' to choose either satin ribbon or for a small extra charge you could include tiers of tartan, metallic or printed ribbon. We print the centre boards to your specification so on the 'Centres and Motifs page' you can choose a suitable motif and centre board colour. We have motifs for most equestrian events and several dog breeds and 'fun dog' motifs as well as rabbits, poultry and numerous miscellaneous subjects from birthday parties to political parties. In fact if we have not got what you want we are able to have a printing block made from your own artwork or we can supply that too. You can further personalise your rosettes using 'optional extras' where you can add longer, wider tails, printed tails or have the rosettes made in oval shapes. Some of our clients include 'Avon and Border Counties Welsh Cob and Pony Society', 'High Plains Equestrian Centre', 'Bissel Wood Equestrian Centre' , 'British Dalmatian Club' '

Polyester Satin Ribbon

Marlin Rosettes are able guarantee you the very best quality ribbon in the manufacture of our rosettes and sashes. We import our own ribbons from the best producers in the world, so have ultimate control over the materials end product. The Polyester Satin ribbon is dyed to match our requirements and we have it finished with a wonderful sheen to show the vibrant shades at their very best.

Metallic Gold, Silver and Bronze Ribbon

We also have made for us a top quality Metallic ribbon and are proud to be able to offer many metallic rosette ranges in Gold, Silver and Bronze. We offer both small rosettes and Championship Rosettes in Metallic Ribbon including our ever popular Olympic range. Gold, Silver and Bronze ribbon can be incorporated into stunning sashes of honour by adding metallic bands or metallic ruffles to any special sash.

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