Satin Coloured Ribbons

Mail Box Red Harvest Cherry
Yellow Tulip Orange
Hot pink Brown Pink
Ivy Magnolia Green
Cream Apple Navy
Purple Royal blue Lilac
Light blue Black Aqua
Satin gold Sea mist Satin silver
White Satin bronze

Please bare in mind colours differ slightly with differnt computer settings. These are intended as a guide only.

Metalic Ribbons

Glitter Gold Glitter Silver Glitter Bronze

Tartan Ribbons


The Douglas Tartan has a beautiful blue background with dark green and white stripes through it both vertically and horizontally.


The Buchanon Tartan has a vivid yellow and green background through which run many colours including gold, red, purple, black and white.


The Royal Stewart Tartan is a very well known clan tartan. The bright red background colour is a base for a blue and a white stripe both vertically and horizontally.


The Dress Stewart Tartan is a wonderfully bright tartan with a white background. On this are an array of colours woven through in reds, yellow, blue and green. This tartan is a great favourite.


The Blackwatch Tartan is a well known and popular tartan. It is dramatically dark adding a lovely contrast to the bright satin ribbons. It is on a navy background with a dark green plaid woven through.


The Menzies Tartan is a lovely crisp looking black and white plaid.

Printed Ribbons

Ribbon can be PRINTED on any of the Satin Ribbons.

Popular choices for printed ribbon are spotted, paw print, horse shoes, teddy bears to name but a few. Printing colours are: Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Matt Gold.

Ribbons Pricing

Prices for inclusion of Metallic Ribbon, Tartan Ribbon and printed ribbon per Rosette

– Inner tier + 15p
– 2nd tier + 17p
– 3rd tier + 19p
– 4th tier + 26p

This price includes 1″ normal length tails

For each 1.5″ extended tail add 10p per tail per rosette to rosette price

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