How to order

Should you need help with any aspect of ordering or have any queries with regards placing an order please ring 07384953754 where friendly advice is readily available. Should you wish to propose an order we will always be happy to give you a quote.


To place an order:

Please place your order in an email to

Alternatively, if you have your order saved to file on your own computer please email as an attachment.


Please state clearly:
  • The shape of the rosette. i.e. round or oval

  • Rosette Range ( i.e. Ascot, Derby etc.)

  • Number of tiers required

  • Colours of each tier (be clear to state outside to inner tier)

  • Colour of centreboard

  • Motif or wording in middle of centreboard and wording around the outside

  • Fixing required. i.e. brooch pin or bridle hook. ( All stock rosettes are fitted with brooch pin fixing)

  • Wording for printed tails if required

  • Quantity of each

  • State dispatch address, contact address and contact telephone number

  • When the order is needed by


PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure you give the date you want to receive the order. Often at our busiest times, your order may not reach you until the date you have given us. Please allow 21 working days for your order to be processed


Minimum order is £25.00 excluding P&P

In our less busy times, we may be able to help with small orders.


Delivery charge (Post & Package)

POST & PACKAGE cost will be kept to a minimum.

All orders are dispatched on a next day service usually via UK Mail. As a rough guide, these are very approximate estimates within the UK
1 box of 50 Stock Rosettes £8.75,
100 X 2- tier rosettes £10.25,
60 3-tier rosettes £10.25

Large orders not exceeding 30 kilos is approximately £14.75 (per box)

Highlands & Islands do cost a little more.