Garland Sashes

It is difficult to determine the exact origin of the garland or which country it originated from. From
the earliest times, in Hawaii, men and women have adorned themselves with garlands of flowers
called leis. They were worn as a form of honour to each other and their gods


Garlands of laurel leaves have a long history in ancient Greece and Rome. Wreaths were used as an
adornment that could represent a person’s occupation, rank, their achievements and status. The
wreath that was commonly used was the laurel wreath and associated with victory.
There are many traditions worldwide for decking horses in flower garlands, one of the most famous
being the magnificent ‘blanket’ of roses presented annually to the winner of the Kentucky Derby.

In the UK there has been the famous adornment with flowers of the ‘Liverpool Carters’ on the
Mayday parade. The hardworking draught horses transporting goods from the docks were
recognised and celebrated during the Mayday Parade where they would be decorated with flower

A garland sash is a popular award for the most prestigious of horse shows and events.
Arabian horse shows both nationally and internationally depict their winners with either saddle
garland sashes or neck garland sashes of beautiful flowers. Horse of the Year Show use garland
sashes for the Champions and Supreme Champions in many of their classes.
Here at Marlin Rosettes we make sure our flower garlands are suitable for all of these high class
shows. Arrangements of silk flowers are attached to heavyweight material to produce beautiful
awards that provided wonderful keepsakes for the winners.


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