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Order sashes now

Order sashes now

Sashes are made in widths 4 inches, 4.25 inches, 6 inches, 7.5 inches or custom. They may be printed with various lines of gold, or other colour wording. All are finished with a rosette of suitable size in tones the same as the sash strips. All sashes can be produced without the rosettes.

We can include logos and designs to the printing. Please allow 21 working days lead time for sashes. There is a £25.00 + P&P minimum order charge.

Our Sashes Range


SASHES 100mm (4 inches) Wide. We can print multiple lines of wording in many different fonts on each sash and this can include an image or logo (mono tone). Each will be finished with a two tier rosette unless you request it not to be in which case it will be sewn with a finished seam. They can only be made in a single colour, available in red, royal blue, light blue, yellow, green, pink, hot pink, purple, black and white.

£4.99 per sash

110mm Sash

SASHES 110mm (4.25 INCHES) WIDE. These tri-coloured sashes are our best sellers. Three colours of your own choice with up to three lines of gold blocking offered at a bargain price. These can be made with any colours from the ribbons page. (Tartan, spotted and metallic + £2.00 per strip).

£7.95 per sash

4-band sash

SASHES 150mm (6.00 INCHES WIDE). This makes a very special sash offering a choice to combine four stripes of ribbon in order of your preference. These can be made with any colours from the ribbons page. (Tartan, spotted and metallic + £2.00 per strip).

£10.65 per sash


Metallic SASHES (135mm 5.25 INCHES) WIDE. These sashes are a wonderful compliment to any of the Metallic Champion Rosette Ranges but also a beautul stand alone sash. These can be made in Gold, Silver or Bronze and are finished with a three tier rosette. Tassels may be added at .75p extra per sash.

£11.25 per sash

ruffle 5-band

CUSTOMISED SASHES. Most sash widths can be made substituting satin for tartan or metallic ribbon at an extra £2.00 per strip

For that extra special occasion we are able to create a ruffle effect around the outside of the sash in a contrasting or matching colour which can be 25mm or 38mm and satin or metallic. Ruffles are at £10.00 extra per sash. Sashes with ruffles have lining included in the price.

dog sash 005

SASHES FOR DOGS OR ALPACAS are supplied in the same widths as the conventional sashes. These are short (approx 36inches,or to your requirements, depending on breed) open ended sashes finished with a luxurious 4ins (100mm) deep fringe or rosettes. They are intended for laying over the dogs backs.

Rosette finish Fringe or Tassel Finish
100MM wide sash (single width colour) £4.95 100MM wide sash (single width colour) £5.95
110mm wide sash (three band) £6.20 110mm wide sash (three band) £7.20
Hamilton sash

TARTAN SASHES. Tartan Ribbon can be included in any size sash with the exception of the 100mm single colour sashes.

Tartan can substitute satin bands for £2.00 extra per strip.

Please see our clan Tatans here

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