The Leger Rosette

Tight Box Pleated Rosette

Order rosettes now


Order rosettes now

Product description

The LEGER is made in a tight box (Elizabethan Collar) pleat incorporating a maximum amount of satin ribbon making it that special rosette at the top of the range.

Any colour combinations may be used. Also METALLIC RIBBON may be substituted @ 15p extra per tier. See Ribbons.

It can be made in either ROUND or OVAL shape. Tails can be printed and extended tails may be added. See optional extras

Please allow twenty one working days lead time for rosettes. There is a £25.00 + P&P minimum order charge.

The Leger Rosette Price List

OptionPrice (GBP)Price (EUR)
1-tier£0.96EUR 0.00
2-tier£1.18EUR 0.00
3-tier£1.39EUR 0.00
4-tier£1.98EUR 0.00

Product details

Approximate diameter measurements.

Centre board = 50mm

– 1-tier rosette = 8.8cm (3.5 inches)

– 2-tier rosette = 10.5 cm (4.00 inches)

– 3-tier rosette = 12.5 cm (4.75 inches)

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